Avirtek Dictation System

The Avirtek Dictation System is composed of Avirtek Dictate, Avirtek Listen and a backend database. Avirtek Dictate is a program that allows pathologists to record dictations, modify these dictations and save them associated with an accession number and patient name. The Avirtek Listen program allows transcriptionists to search for dictations recorded using Avirtek Dictate in order to listen to them and transcribe them. Both of these program have barcode and transcription pedal support and they have also been built to work with the APEasy information management system.

CyberSecurity Labs as a Service

CyberSecurity Labs as a Service is a web portal that allows students to build any virtual cyberspace, and carry out any cybersecurity experiment. By providing easy to use and available 24/7 monitoring, attack libraries, configurable cybersecurity virtual laboratory, analysis and visualization tools, students, and trainees will be able to see clearly how cyberattacks are launched, and the vulnerabilities that are exploited.

Cyber Support Services

Drupal 7 website that contains information about the company, support plans as well as a contact form and links to social media. This site also provides access to the customer portal powered by osTicket where customers can create as well as see the status of their support tickets.